We do analytics for
web3 gaming

Integrate all data. Monetize your players.
Build a successful game.


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Unlock the power of
open data for gaming

Built by gaming, data and blockchain pros
to give you the edge
Nami provides advanced user & market
insights for web3 game devs building
successful & sustainable games

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Build & operate superior web3 games by leveraging advanced player analytics across your entire development cycle

Get comprehensive & actionable insights on the success of web3 games and their economies.
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Identify and optimize for player archetypes that make or break your game economy.
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Measure metrics like LTV - redefined for web3 games and unique to each player profile - and track the impact on the success of your economy.
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Optimize monetization, CAC spend, and engagement by tailoring incentives around the desired distribution of player archetypes.
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Our team of industry-leading specialists provides consulting support around economy design, modelling and auditing throughout your entire development cycle.
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